Real Estate Strategy

Valley Forge Real Estate (“VFRE”) structures private investment vehicles to access multiple real estate asset classes through a single fund commitment. Historically VFRE funds have allocated half of the fund to opportunistic commercial real estate targeting capital appreciation and half of the VFRE fund has been allocated to sale-leaseback opportunities with a focus on cash-on-cash current yield. Valley Forge prides itself on its long-lasting real estate partnerships that have been strengthened by clear communication, thoughtful due diligence processes, and, most importantly, the ability to close on a deal in a timely manner.

Opportunistic Real Estate:

  • Hands-on operational improvement designed to generate capital appreciation
  • Valley Forge has invested in 13 opportunistic commercial real estate properties across the U.S. since 2013
  • VFRE’s opportunistic investments seek to meet the below criteria:
    • Secondary or Tertiary markets
    • Clustered near other VFRE assets to capitalize on shared property management resources
    • Micro-Cap (below $15.0M purchase price)
    • Proprietary introduction
    • Mismanaged properties or sellers experiencing exit pressure
    • Diverse portfolio of assets including hospitality, multi-family, office, retail, and student housing
    • Thorough due diligence process


  • Long-term, triple-net leases target a steady yield for VFRE funds
  • Valley Forge has invested in 28 sale-leaseback properties across the U.S. since 2013
  • VFRE’s sale-leaseback investments seek to meet the below criteria:
    • Credit-worthy tenant with a steady, profitable business in a recession resistant industry
    • Mission critical facility
    • Previous relationship between the owner and Valley Forge
    • 15-year+, triple-net leases
    • Favorable capitalization rates
    • Proximity to major metro area
    • Attractive lending terms due to robust network
    • Thorough due diligence process